David Brankin
(Last Updated September 7th, 2005)
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   Personal Details

Full Name:  David John Brankin Address:
-- -------- ----,
Redmond, WA
Nationality:  British
Age:  --
Marital Status:  Single
Driving Licen[c|s]e:  USA (Full)
 UK (Provisional)
Current Position:  Team Lead Telephone:
(----) --- ----       Home
(----) --- ----       Work
Notice Period:  None
E-mail:  cv@brankin.com

   Primary Skills & Experience
5 years Visual Studio / .NET / C# (from COOL onwards) (1999 - Current)
8 years Multi-lingual software design & development (1992 Current, with breaks)
2 years ASP.NET and web-related skills (2000 2002)
8 years Microsoft FoxPro, spanning DOS, Windows and Visual (1992 2000)
6 years Client Liaison, Technical Liaison and Functional Specification (1993 1999)
6 years Human Resource and Payroll experience (1999 Current)
1 year running a small development department (1996-1997)

   Professional Qualifications
Microsoft Certified Professional: Visual FoxPro 3 (851/1000, 1995, Lapsed)
Microsoft Certified Professional: Visual Basic 4 (951/1000, 1996, Lapsed)
Microsoft Certified Trainer (1996, Lapsed)
   Secondary Skills
Client-Server (SQL Server v7.0 / 2000, Oracle 8.x)
Basic Server Administration and Networking skills
Microsoft Word and Excel (VBA, automation and end-user experience)
Technical Documentation (Course Notes, Functional Specifications and UML)
Visual C++ (1997 2001, but not as primary language)
EDIFACT (Electronic data reporting to the UK government)

   Tertiary Skills
RAS and multi-site communications (1997-1999)
68000, Z80A, MapBasic v3.x, MapInfo v3.x

   Educational History
1990 1993:  The University of Kent at Canterbury
  2:2 in Physics With Computing (BSc, Hons), including:
  1st on Computing Paper,
  2:1 on 3rd Year Project (Neural Networks)
  I.C.I. Scholarship
1985 1990: The Castle School, Thornbury, Bristol
  A-Level Maths, Physics, Chemistry
  AO-Level Maths
  GCSEs As:  Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Science
  Bs: English Language, English Literature, Chemistry
  Cs: C.D.T. Realisation, H.E. Food
  English Oral Grade 1

   Employment History

March 2003 - Current
Current Position: Software Development Engineer (Team Lead)

Microsoft Business Solutions
One Microsoft Way,
April 99 March 2003
Current Position: Principle Developer

Microsoft Business Solutions
(previously Great Plains,
previously PWA Personnel Software Ltd),
Microsoft Campus,
Thames Valley Park,
November 97 April 99
Final Position: Team Leader

Fiege-Merlin Limited
(previously Merlin Distribution Ltd)
Headquarters Road,
West Wits Trading Estate,
BA13 4JR

November 93 November 97

Final Position: Development Manager

F1 Computing Systems Ltd,
3 Kelso Place,
Upper Bristol Road,

   Selected Project History

(Project name covered by NDA) 2003 Current
Internet based service-orientated infrastructure that is still under NDA. 
Microsoft Business Portal 2001 2003
Human Resource Management Self Service Suite. Focused primarily on the development of foundation controls. If you get your hands on a copy, check out the coolest calendar and masked entry controls yet to hit the internet :-)
Empower 1999 2002
A multi-lingual Human Resources and Payroll system implemented in many different languages and localisations. Specifically responsible for V3 of the PowerTool (our core base technology) and the Multi-lingual Data-dictionary.
PDS 1997 - 1999
Team Leader for a project involving 7 million parcels a year. Key features included the use of RAS, ODBC and FTP to access, transmit and update data between 25 sites.
Previous Projects 1993 - 1997
Various multi-lingual, financial and commercial systems